Goal Digger


I am a goal digger, but goals are a funny thing. Make them too easy and they don’t motivate you to stay focused… make them too difficult and you set yourself up for frustration, self-doubt, and disappointment. Weight loss goals then have the additional element of your physiology having the final say on your results, regardless of your efforts.

As I have now lost 113 pounds, I am coming to terms with the fact that my results may vary a great deal month to month, regardless of my efforts. For example, I lost only 2 pounds one month, then a whopping 16 pounds the following month, and then 3.8 pounds the month after that; all while essentially following the same nutrition and wellness plan.

Although I have set a monthly ‘weight’ goal every month during my weight loss journey, I also set behavior goals, because although I may not be able to control the results, but I can always control my efforts. Understanding this has helped me a great deal as I learn not to obsess over the scale. Yes, I track my weight for data (I weight every morning, actually), but it isn’t the only way I measure success. I am as proud of myself for maintaining healthy habits as I am when the scale nudges down.

After all, my physical body is the one that decides the results (with all its chemistry, biology, genetics, hormones, etc.)… I am only in charge of the effort I put forth.

So dig deep to reach your goals, but be careful about the goals you set. It’s a fine line between motivating yourself and setting yourself up for failure.


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