A little self-care goes a long way.


So, I had a few days of less than stellar food choices. Driving into work this morning, I had a little ‘chat’ with my body. I apologized to it for failing to take care of it properly over the past few days. I thanked it for taking such good care of me even when I failed to reciprocate. I reassured it I was going to make better choices so that it could resume functioning at optimal levels.

Sometimes it is helpful for me to remember my body is simply a vessel that is on loan to me for a short time. How long it lasts and how well it runs is dependent on how well I care and maintain it. Honestly, when I go through periods of binging/overeating/addictive food behavior, it is my poor body that suffers the consequences. I’m trying to look at my body a bit like a beloved child or pet that needs me to care for it… somehow detaching like that helps me separate my binge mentality from my responsibility as a caretaker of my physical self.

Today I am in self-caretaker mode, making responsible choices for the health of my body instead of catering to the immature demands of the compulsion that lives in my head. One day at a time!

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