Keep It Simple Sunday 8.12.18

KISS August 2018Time for my weekly KISS update, when I check my progress, adjust my strategies, plan my meals, and prepare as much as I can for a successful week of healthy living.

Let’s start with the progress check. 

Start weight 282 / Current weight 156.6 / Goal weight 141

Today, I am 125.4 pounds down with 15.6 pounds to go to reach my ultimate goal of 141 pounds (exactly half my highest weight of 282 pounds).

My goal for August is to finish the month at 155 pounds. Here is the data from my daily weigh-ins:

  • 8/1- 159 
  • 8/2- 159 
  • 8/3- 157.8 
  • 8/4- 156.4 
  • 8/5- 154.6 <– all new low weight!
  • 8/6- 154.6
  • 8/7- 154.6
  • 8/8- 155.6
  • 8/9- 156.6
  • 8/10- 156.6
  • 8/11- 158.6
  • 8/12- 156.6

Last week, I mentioned that my weight tends to stall and bounce once I reach a new low (which I did when a I hit 154.6) and wouldn’t you know it?… I bounced up all week. Nothing to obsess over. I just keep my ship steady and my body responds accordingly. There is still plenty of August left to go to ensure I reach (and maintain) my goal of 155 pounds. We can always control our efforts, but we can not always control our results. Focus on the effort.

This upcoming week, it’s back to school; my students return for classes. It will be hectic, but I am looking forward to having my classroom buzzing with excited energy. I teach adults, so it isn’t as stressful as it is for K-12 teachers… I honestly don’t know how they do it! However, it will be a week with slightly higher stress than the norm, so I took that into consideration in my planning.

As I created my meal and wellness plans for the week, I needed to strategize around the facts that my days will be busy, so won’t have a chance to eat lunch until after 1PM (more likely 2PM) and once the students leave for the day, I will have an initial wave of exhaustion as I get back in the school day groove. That late lunch paired with fatigue requires a filling and satisfying food choice. Here is what I settled on…


My cheeseburgers are quarter pounders made with 80% lean ground beef (the fattier, the better). This powerful protein and fat combo will be the punch I need to switch gears and spend the afternoon getting ahead catching up on paperwork. I seasoned them with garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, a little Montreal seasoning, salt and pepper and cooked them in bacon fat in a frying pan (gotta’ love low carb / keto). I topped with a slice of Colby Jack and put a mayo/SF ketchup mix on the side for dipping. Easy prep, filling (and yummy) lunch.

burger prepcheeseburgers

Now, I know you want me to talk about the chocolate raspberry nut cheesecake whip listed in my food plan as my evening snack. I plan to take some pictures of it when I make it tonight and use it as one of my Trish’s Dish posts this week, so do check back for photos of the prepared snack. It is simply cream cheese, SF raspberry syrup, unsweetened powdered cocoa, and nuts mixed together into a heavenly concoction. Sweet, fatty, filling, low carb / keto. 


As far as my wellness goals this week, I am going to utilize Intermittent Fasting (IF) since I won’t have time to eat until the afternoon anyway. I also set a low water intake goal this week (1 liter minimum), for two reasons. One, I know I will struggle to find time to drink during instruction and two, I know I will struggle to find time to use the restroom during instruction. Truth. The first few weeks of school are CRAY-ZEE!

So there it is, the results of another week of Keep It Simple Sunday reflection, planning, and prepping. Taking this bit of time to KISS helps me manage my health and wellness goals, which has enabled me to overcome a LIFETIME of obesity. 

As I always say, if I can do it (as a food addicted, binge eating, dysfunctional foodie), I promise you can, too.

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